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Yes we can, as long as you have a basic idea we can help you grow it into a fully fledged song.

We offer a range of music production services, to suit a variety of budgets and requirements.

It depends on the length of the piece, how many parts there are and what particular specs your project has. A basic 3 minute multi track instrumental with vocals can be mixed in 48 hours.

Yes! This is a good question as many writers, arrangers and producers don’t actually play but know how they want things to sound. This is a favourite as it is challenging musically to produce something for someone who doesn’t play, it’s a lot of fun!

Yes, we can take your existing audio and clean it up so any excess unwanted noise (within reason) is minimised or removed if possible.

Yes we can mix your tune. We can take your multi-track or stereo recording and mix it to give it its best sound, ready for whatever application it will be used for on completion. We can also carry out bespoke mash up mixing of two of your selected favourites into one banging track!

Absolutely! In fact we encourage it as it is easier for us to have as much reference as possible so we can hear what you expect the track to sound like on completion.